How a $34 Minimum Wage Makes Sense

Let’s say you started a credit card payment processing company. Ten years later your business is raking in $2.2 million in profit after paying yourself an annual salary of $1 million. You find out from a study on pay and happiness that people who make less than $70,000 aren’t as happy as everyone else, so you cut your pay to $70,000 and use the savings to bring your lower paid employees up to your new $70,000 salary.

Sound radical?

The Profitability of Trust

Doubt can be a real show-stopper. When people doubt, they lack confidence, lose motivation, and often stop trying altogether. It shows up when managers give up on employees, employees doubt their managers and stop pushing themselves, and nothing remarkable gets done. Kevin doesn’t have that problem. Kevin (no, not me) is the owner of a…