How a $34 Minimum Wage Makes Sense

Let’s say you started a credit card payment processing company. Ten years later your business is raking in $2.2 million in profit after paying yourself an annual salary of $1 million. You find out from a study on pay and happiness that people who make less than $70,000 aren’t as happy as everyone else, so you cut your pay to $70,000 and use the savings to bring your lower paid employees up to your new $70,000 salary.

Sound radical?

10 Management No-Nos

Despite our book learning, we tend to learn how things are done in the world of work from our experiences at work. Usually, our Master Mentor is the person vacating the job we’ve just landed or the boss who makes sure we know the “right” way to do things. By watching and observing what happens when things get screwed up, we get a pretty good idea of how things should be handled. We may learn that when we need to get something done, we get tough. When following procedures doesn’t work, we go around people. We learn that bullying is effective, or not.

Performance Review Hooey

It’s that time again when organizations are abustle with performance grading, self reviews, rank ordering, goal setting, final performance evaluations, and merit pay raises all in the name of managing performance. The amount of activity and anxiety the performance review process produces could make last minute Christmas shopping look like a seasonal stress reliever. So…


According to a writer who recently contacted me about an article for the Sunday newspaper, workplace food theft is becoming a serious issue. Seriously. Apparently, employees are fed up with disappearing donuts and Twinkie tinkering suggesting that maintaining co-worker trust is no picnic. Of faith and the unfaithful All joking aside, workplace mistrust is a…

Dont Rock My World

When I’m driving with my wife and I take a curve too fast, she grabs the strap above the passenger door and lets out a “whoa.” Funny thing, when she’s driving and takes the same curve at the same speed, I’m the one reaching for the strap and panicking. It seems our experiences are vastly…